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Let’s talk about violence in the workplace…

Violent behaviour is still tolerated and accepted in many workplaces.

Why is this?

1. Lack of awareness...

People have varying understandings of violence; in general, it starts with demeaning and disrespectful behaviour and language. The slippery slope is then to act out violence.


2. Lack of understanding...

of the impact we have on each other.


3. Lack of positive action...

People do not understand the power they have as individuals to make a difference.


RSF Research report

The Red Shirt Foundation expresses particular gratitude to the victims of violence who so generously responded to inform this study. In addition to submitting recommendations for preventing and stopping workplace violence in sawmills, conclusions drawn and ensuing recommendations will have relevance beyond their origin and beyond the scope of this research. In addition, the Foundation acknowledges how the family of Michael Lunn who lost his life in the Nanaimo mill shootings, put their pain to purpose, as they created the Red Shirt Foundation and raised funds to conduct this important research on workplace violence.


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