About Us

Our Mission

To STOP workplace violence

Our Vision

To provide resources and tools to enable people to create healthy, safe workplace environments where violence cannot thrive.

Our Goals

  • To understand the nature of workplace bullying and workplace violence.
  • To grow the understanding of workplace violence.
  • To expose the prevalence of workplace violence.
  • To provide individuals and organizations with tools and resources to help them understand and respond to workplace violence.

Board of Directors

Chair: Dr. Lynn Jacques
Vice Chair: Jane Lindstrom, CHRP, MA
Director and Spokesperson: Marcy Lunn
Director: Tanya Erickson
Director: Marlene Lunn
Director: Sharyn Manson
Director: Janet E Helm, CPA. CGA
Director: Alice Winkel, MEd

Contact us: info@redshirtfoundation.com

On April 30th, 2014…

Michael John Lunn and Fred McEachern were killed by a former employee of the company that they worked for. The Nanaimo Mill Shootings took place just before 7 am. The shooter entered the work site carrying a shotgun and a hand gun. Michael was just getting out of his truck in the company parking lot when the shooter approached him. Michael was the first victim who was shot with a heavy gauge shotgun. Michael died only minutes after being shot. Next, the shooter entered a small office and shot and killed a plant supervisor. Then the shooter wounded two additional employees, one being the Vice President. Two additional coworkers immediately restrained the shooter and ended the shooting spree.

michael-shirtbacksMichael was a devoted husband, father, and grandfather (Papa). Michael was the plant Chairman and loved his work and the union role of protecting the rights of workers at his mill site and supporting coworkers in need.

Michael’s wife Marlene and his children Mark, Mitchel and Marcy want to turn the pain that they are feeling too purpose to reach out to other families who have experienced and suffered from workplace violence. This foundation will work towards educating the public about workplace violence. The foundation will work towards finding and developing tools to assist people in recognizing mental health issues and in better supporting people who need help in dealing with workplace-related conflicts and challenges.

Michael and his coworkers have witnessed many violent situations in their workplace and have supported their fellow workers and their families when workers have difficulty dealing with the stresses of life and work.